Feu des Fleurs

Elixir – Black Collection

35,00 CHF

Verfügbarkeit: 10 vorrätig

floral –  timeless – sexy

the elixir of life. the result of an ancient quest for eternal life. inspired by the combination of the juiciest berries and most fragrant flowers that withstand time and years and linger in perfect harmony.

top notes: red currant, black currant
middle notes: green leaves, ground wood
base notes: bulgarian rose


size 210 grams – 40/50 hours

  • trim your wick to 5mm everytime before lighting your candle
  • let the candle burn until it reaches a full melt pool / this can take up to 4 hours
  • never leave your burning candle unattended
  • keep your candle away from children / pets

give your candles their best life.
read all about it on our candle care tips

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